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Added 7 September, 2013

Actions are where it's at: Charity accepts good deeds instead of money

As people in the rich world start to value experiences over things, and with voluntourism and eco-tourism on the rise, it makes sense that a charity would step up that accepts actions rather than cash. DoNation, which focuses on sustainable living, operates on the premise that making the world a better place is about actions, not money. To reach that goal, the charity encourages people to do good by making small changes and inspire others to do the same. One example is the Challenge, which is based on the walk-a-thon model, except that you ask others not to donate money, but to do a good deed. Another example is the Gift List. When having a big event, like a wedding, instead of accepting gifts, or asking for monetary charitable donations, set up an account asking your guests to do a small, charitable action. Good ideas? What do you think?
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