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Added 20 December, 2013

Language Trends: Young Canadians no longer saying "eh"

While saying "aboot" instead of "about" is still going strong, Canadian linguists are reporting that youth are losing their "eh." Especially in the cities, young Canadians seem to be replacing the quintessential "eh" with the words "right" or "you know" at the end of sentences. Like other trends, language is a moving target that tends to change at a slow, but deliberate, pace. Sometimes, however, there is a radical shift in behavior that gives life to a fad which, if it is persistent, morphs into a trend. Eh seems to be in this latter category; a quick demise that will likely be long-lasting. If you'd still like to hear a genuine Canadian use the word "eh" in earnest, you'll do best by finding an older person in a rural community. It's the globalization of language, eh?
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