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Added 7 November, 2013

Ninety percent of consumers would consider buying a self-driving car

It's a very good harbinger of a trend to come when ninety-percent of consumers say they would consider buying a particular product that is currently in the pipeline. That huge percentage said that the thing that would tip the scales for them is lower insurance rates, which are slated to drop as much as 80 percent when self-driving cars become ubiquitous. That's because the vast majority of automobile accidents are the result of human error. Robots, on the other hand, have quicker reflexes and never get tired. Saving money, of course, is the motivator behind the success of many new technologies, and one reason why sales of the first expensive models of electric cars were rather sluggish. Same goes of solar panels. These answers are the result of a survey for a car insurance company, so we can take the numbers with a bit of skepticism, but the general principle remains that if they bring the price down, the world will clamor for new technologies that will help the environment and make their lives better.
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