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Added 5 October, 2017

Online store upgrades the lenses in your prescription glasses

Eliminating the need for one of the most painstaking, time-consuming and relatively expensive processes, Lensabl makes lenses for any pair of glasses you own. Unlike other online spectacle and sunglasses retailers, there are no frames for sale here. This isn't a style company—it's a technologically-driven organization aimed at meeting a need for convenience. Buyers provide their own frames—ones they've loved for years but perhaps have lost or cracked a lens, or their prescription has changed. Or perhaps the local retailer wanted to charge four times the price for making lenses than Lensabl offers. At their state-of-the-art optical partner lab in Los Angeles, lenses—far, near, sun, clear, Transitions, photochromic—are cut to fit inside the frames they've sent in, using a prepaid box. A completed product is sent back. Contrary to one's initial assumptions, this isn't a company taking on Warby Parker.

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