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Added 4 May, 2015

3D technology will make Times Square look like Bladerunner

3D hasn't gone well for television, and the concept has cooled in cinemas. Part of the problem is that most 3D technology requires that the viewers wear special glasses. The holy grail in 3D video is in creating images all three dimensions without the need for people to wear special lenses. Several companies have created this technology, but none is more exciting than the offerings from Austria-based TriLite. With the use of lasers and some rather complex visual trickery, slightly different images are picked up by each eye to create the illusion of moving, 3D objects. Currently, the technology is far too expensive to come to your local movie theater, but the alternative is even more spectacular: TriLite laser tech is coming to large-format billboard displays in high-profile places like Times Square and Disney World, where money seems to be no object. Imagine digital 3-dimentional advertisements popping out at you from billboards in cities and along highways. Sounds far-fetched? Not so, provided digital 3D displays prove successful in these first test venues, you can bet this technology will be trending worldwide in the very near future.

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