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Added 11 September, 2018

Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited (DBALP) has unveiled an eye-catching design for a new airport terminal in Bangkok that features intricate wooden detailing and an indoor forest. The new building is reportedly expected to be operational in 2025. Details are still rather thin on the ground at this early stage, but assuming all goes well, the...

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Added 10 September, 2018

The Syshaus House comes to the market bringing a new concept to live with quality, practicality and sustainability – not only ideals, but effective practices. The structural system is composed of standardized types of pillar, beam, joint node and screw, which when combined result in different configurations of plants and programs, within a...

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Added 2 September, 2018

Real estate startup Compass has developed a high-end sign shaped like a magnifying glass, with a glowing ring. In the center of the ring is the real estate agents’ contact information. As a person walks by the sign, LED lights activate and cascade down the sides of the ring. The lights draw attention to a QR code on the sign. Scanning the code...

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Added 25 August, 2018

Chicago-based technology company SpotHero is transforming its parking facilities to communicate with autonomous vehicles to let them know which spaces to park in. The company's app allows drivers, the vehicles themselves, garages, car manufacturers and cities to communicate with each other, exchanging data and payments. The new parking features...

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Added 15 August, 2018

The bridge houses along the canals of Amsterdam were home to the canal’s bridge keepers for 100 years. They have since been abandoned with the introduction of automated technology. A new initiative – called SWEETS hotel – is re-purposing these abandoned spaces as waterfront hotel rooms. As part of the initiative, 28 iconic bridge houses along...

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Added 14 August, 2018

AllSeated, an event planning and coordination platform, has launched a new VR tool which allows for one to one visualization of floorplans and venues for high end event planning. The new VR visualization tool allows for virtual walkthrough a venue before locking down plans, offering up a better perspective of what the venue will look like once...

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Added 18 July, 2018

Tiny Homes have become an ever more popular notion for those looking for a small but perfectly formed house. But what if you’re more of a water dwelling person? Well, you’re in luck because Canadian workshop Daigno have just announced Le Koroc, their very own Tiny Boat House. Whilst house boats are, of course, nothing new, chances are you won’t...

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Added 3 July, 2018

A rooftop in New York city might not sound like the best place for a vineyard but the founders of Rooftop Reds in Brooklyn are out to silence the sceptics.

Their building gives them space for 42 vine boxes. They had their first harvest last October, and according to founder Devin Shomaker, they have embraced the urban environment.

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Added 26 June, 2018

Guardbot was initially conceived for a planetary mission on Mars, and can operate in many demanding situations, as it can travel on paved road, off-road, sand, snow, sloped surfaces, and in water, where it can navigate upstream. Guardbot is designed for mission operations in broadcasting, surveillance, security, and detection. Guardbot moves...

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Added 15 June, 2018

A Dutch construction company called Van Wijnen is 3D printing the first homes in the world that are actually habitable (i.e. able to pass a home inspection). Dubbed Project Milestone, the futuristic homes will be 3D printed near the city of Eindhoven. Currently, there are five houses in total, each with a unique shape and size that shows off...