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Added 24 October, 2017

Denmark is codifying the sharing economy into its legal system

Whether it is apartment rentals or boating, Denmark has come around to see the potential of the sharing economy and wants to regulate its use. The country has had some rough-going with the sharing economy, but now it seems a potential for economic growth. Its attitude seems to be, if you can't beat 'em, then regulate 'em. The Danish government sees little point in resisting the changes these companies represent. Instead, it’s putting forward a number of measures designed to fold the business concept into its tax and labor laws. Denmark’s manifesto on how to handle the sharing economy comes as other governments consider bans on key parts of it. UberPop, a version of Uber that lets people to give rides without holding a license, has been suspended in France, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Hungary. In Norway, the government is looking into ways to come up with new regulations to deal with the app. Meanwhile, transport authorities in London have revoked Uber’s license and threatened to ban the service.

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