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Added 17 September, 2013

How can megachurches in the US be growing when their houses of worship are getting smaller?

The United States has numerous megachurches with congregations of 10,000 or more. When most people think of megachurches they not only think of mega-numbers, but also mega-facilities. And while many have facilities that can accommodate 3000 or more, fewer churches are now building large spaces specifically meant to accommodate thousands of people. Gathering spaces of growing mega-churches continue to get smaller. Instead, many of the largest churches have begun to favor multisite expansion. While the largest churches continue to grow larger, they do not require larger spaces in the process—just more spaces. Megachurches are growing by adding sites and services rather than square footage to their buildings. New Spring Church in South Carolina provides a prime example. Pastored by Perry Noble, New Spring runs about 23,000 people on a given Sunday. However, their campuses do not seat 10,000 or even 5,000. Instead, there are multiple services and multiple technological means to distribute the message to other campuses. Similar models like Saddleback implement video technology on many different sites, which allows those models to have 20,000 or more people attending their church on a weekly basis.
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