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Added 4 April, 2014

Nano-breweries are the big news in beer

Beer aficianatos around the world know that we are living in a golden age of brewing that is spoiling us for choice with great beers coming from lesser-known breweries. Now the breweries themselves are becoming more artisian and specialized. What is smaller than a microbrewery, or even the majority of brewpubs? That’s right. A nano-brewery. It's the latest trend in beer brewing at a time when, according to the US-based National Brewers Association, craft brewing sales are growing at around 15 percent per annum, compared to roughly 1 percent for overall beer sales. Big things have small beginnings, as Laurence of Arabia once put it, doubtless between sips of a fine IPA (Indian Pale Ale). One prime example of this trend is Double Barrel Brewery, which recently opened in Syracuse, New York. That state is now said to have about 100 breweries, which is twice as many as just a decade ago. The founder of the Double Barrel Brewing Co., Pete Kirkgasser, has been a prolific home brewer for a number of years, hosting Christmas home brewing parties that were the talk of the town. Now he’s gone pro and is brewmaster at his own licensed nano-brewery, firing up his one barrel brew kettle to produce a succession of beers that includes an IPA, his own stout, a Brown ale and two types of Belgian Golden Ales. This is one trend to which we can definitely raise a glass.

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