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Added 21 November, 2013

New era begins as Colorado store gets America's first recreational pot sales license

A few months ago in the US state of Colorado, citizens voted to legalize marijuana. Not just for medical uses, but for recreation too. Now the town of Central City has made history by licensing the country's very first pot store. Annie's, located in an historic building on Nevada Street, is situated right next to the town's police station. The retail license means that it can now legally sell the drug to customers starting on January 1st, 2014. The store is part of a retail chain owned by a company called Strainwise that currently operates eight stores in the state, all of which are looking to sell recreational marijuana in the new year. This is obviously a game-changing development for the United States, one whose ramifications are still unknown. Will Colorado become American's Amsterdam? Will it attract hordes of pot-tourists? And will other states and countries follow suit? Based on the history of trends, the likelihood is yes to all of the above.
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