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Added 8 September, 2013

A trend too far? All foodstuffs are now made fair, ethical, honest, wholesome, good, and green

It seems like everything is fair, moral, principled and virtuous these days and the trend obviously reflects a desire among consumers to live well, do the right thing and be enlightened stewards of the planet and kind to its inhabitants. And while we think that's terrific, there are lots of brands that are popping up to take advantage of that trend, even if the sentiment is not part of their own corporate philosophy. Coke Life, a green Coca-Cola from Argentina we reported on recently may be an example of that. How about Ethical Soda, kombucha brewed and bottled in Vancouver, Canada? According to their website, their teas are "traceable back to the plantations where they are harvested from tea plants up to 800 years old!" While we are not sure what makes this ethical, we do know that a food calling itself ethical is very much on-trend these days. What do you think?
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