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Added 10 February, 2018

UAE to treat astronauts with world's first space hospital

The world’s first space hospital, Emirates Space Hospital, was announced by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHP) at Arab Health 2018. “The astronauts will be treated in space but all treatment will be controlled on earth using nanotechnology,” said Dr Kulthoom Al Belooshi, director of hospital administration at the ministry. She said the hospital is a great example of how telemedicine will work in future. “Telemedicine will not be confined to hospitals. It will reach space,” she said while speaking to Khaleej Times. Solutions and treatments for chronic diseases at the space hospital will keep pace with the latest developments in personal medicine so as to enable patients to manage their own therapeutic services and telemedicine. “All this will begin when the UAE will launch its Mars mission in 2020.” Thierry Karim Louesse, founder and CEO of Fractal Systems, who has been hired by the ministry to give a projection of how the Mars programme will work on earth, said the future healthcare in space has been simulated. “We have projected use of nanotechnology for treatment,” he said. Explaining how the technology will work, he said that surgeons will only have to inject nano-robots into the bloodstream. “This will end the need for surgical intervention as the nano-robots will seek out the sick cells and repair them internally,” he said.

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