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Added 25 November, 2017

24/7 Gift Pick-Up Services - Nordstrom's 24/7 'Curbside Pick Up' Brings Goods to Consumer's Cars (

Nordstrom, an American department store is offering a curbside pick up service that allows customers to shop online and then pick up at the store anytime, day or night. The initiative follows that of Walmart and others, which aims to make bricks and mortar shopping better in the face of online competition. What makes this different from a regular pick up? For one, online shoppers will be given a number to call or text after their orders are confirmed. Shoppers can then contact this number if they’re on the way to pick up their items. Putting the cherry on the cake is that shoppers don’t have to even park their cars to enter the store. A Nordstrom employee will already be waiting outside with the package. Shoppers can literally drop by and pick up their items at any time.

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